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Blogging all around

Hi everyone
I am currently blogging on different websites to create an alround idea of who I am.
You can find me on Sparkpeople.com.
I blog about starting over with my fitness regime and my new home  (again) and making new friends in my new town.
In my blog at linkbizblog.blogspot, I am creating information about a book I want to put together, called Women dealing with moving to a different country.
or women abroad…. I also have blog on askdatabase.com
On both sites I am receiveing a little reaction and would obviously like it to be busier.
On this site for now, I am just giving you an idea of what I am creating and how things are developing.
I have been going through a few of these making money on the web businesses and hey, funny enough, they all say you can make money in seconds maybe and hour or at worst a day.  Well make sure you read the fine print guys. It takes a little longer than that!
First you have to be good with computers and then you need to know what they are talking about and then you need to figure out what a product is, what a link is, what a blog is. Who tweets and about what?
Clear as mud most of the time.
Anyway, this is me and I am now bloggin of 3 different sites and making no money but I am enjoying it and getting ideas of what to do with my life.
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